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What is a Fundraising Wine Drive?

Run a Fundraiser Wine Drive – sell quality Australian wine with your fundraiser label to raise money for your cause. Anyone can do it!

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We require no upfront payment, and limited time and effort to set up a Wine Drive. We prepare your Order Forms with Tasting Notes, pricing and payment details. You promote the Wine Drive and collect orders over a 1 – 2 month period. We process orders and payments, and send wine to you for distribution to buyers. We repay the total profit made – hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how much wine you sell.

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The Information Pack is designed for printing and presentation to your Fundraising committee or group for discussion. It includes:

  • Fundraising Committee Fact Sheet
  • Wine Range, including Tasting Notes, suggested sell-for pricing and potential profit.
  • sample Fundraising label designs – click here to see our Fundraising Wine Label Gallery
  • Fundraising Wine Drive Checklist and Fundraising Tasting Night Checklist
  • Sample Fundraiser Order Form

Who Can Run a Fundraising Wine Drive?

Our Wine Drive fundraising system has been supporting not-for-profits for many years. Examples: charity fundraisers, good causes, sports clubs or individual sports people, hobby clubs, schools, kindergartens, preschools, childcare centres, etc.

Any not-for-profit cause can use our Wine Drive system. An individual, a group, or a company supporting a registered charity, can raise funds.

  • Individual: Luke cycled from Melbourne to Sydney, and also ran a Wine Drive, to raise money for his World Challenge trip.
  • Group: A group of mums who “do coffee”, “CafeMums”, ran a Wine Drive for Relay for Life, fundraising for cancer research.
  • Business: Our Corporate Fundraiser SFG raised money for their selected cause, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Here are some of our Fundraiser success stories:

  • A School of Irish Dancing ran 2 Fundraising Wine Drives during the year. What an excellent result – they made a combined total of over $2,300.00!
  • A Hockey Team raised over $2,100.00 with just one Wine Drive. They were raising funds to help them get to their World Masters event in Italy.
  • A Dragon Boat Team sold a staggering 84 dozen wine! Each team member aimed to sell at least 6 dozen. They raised over $5,000.00! Wow, great team effort!
  • A Big Brothers Big Sisters group sold over 70 dozen wine (that’s 847 bottles!) and raised over $3,200 in profit.
  • A Grammar school sold 35 dozen wine and raised over $1,900 in profit for their building fund.

Fundraising Wines

We provide a diverse range of quality red, white, sparkling and fortified wines. These are wines that have shown to be popular with our customers over several years, and are available long-term.

We have Fundraising Wines from many renowned Australian (and 1 New Zealand) wine regions. These include Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, Heathcote, Hunter Valley, Margaret River, McLaren Vale, and Marlborough New Zealand.

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How It Works

A Fundraising Wine Drive is easy and fast to organise, requires no financial commitment, includes FREE wine labels, and delivers large earnings.

How does it work? Here’s a brief summary:

  • You select your Fundraising Wines, and set your Wine pricing (which includes your profit margin).
  • We create your Order Form and Wine Label design, and send to you – you can now start your Wine Drive!
  • You copy and distribute your Order Form, by email, on your website or Facebook page, etc.
  • Run your Wine Drive for about 4 weeks or more.
  • You collect Order Forms and send them all to us to process.
  • We process orders and payments, despatch your labelled wine, and pay your profit total into your fundraiser bank account.

Click here for more info on how a Fundraising Wine Drive works

Fundraising Wine Labels

We design a FREE* customised Wine Label for your Fundraising Wine Drive. (*FREE if you achieve the minimum order quantity of 6 dozen in total, of all wine orders combined). So you can sell quality Australian wines with your own fundraiser label! Your Fundraising Wine label can include your fundraiser logo, photos or other images, and a message from your Fundraiser.

For more Fundraiser Wine Labels, click here to see our Label Gallery

Wine_tasting_halfFundraiser Event

A Fundraiser event is the perfect way to boost sales of your Fundraising Wine! Promote Fundraising Wine at fetes, trivia nights, club social nights, Girls’ Nights In, Wine & cheese nights, or work drinks.

Use Fundraising Wine for raffle prizes, giveways, or gifts or rewards to thank someone for valued effort with your fundraiser.

All of these event suggestions, and many more, can be a successful Wine Fundraiser Event for you. As for a Wine Drive, we give you an Order Form for your event, with tasting notes, pricing, and payment details.

Click here for more info on Fundraising Events

Wine Tasting:

A wine tasting as a fundraiser event is a fun and affordable to taste wines and collect wine orders.

Buy 1 dozen or more mixed Fundraising Wines for your Wine Tasting event.

The quantity required will depend on how many people are attending, and how large or generous a serve you pour.

Click here for more on how much wine to order

We have provided some ideas on running your Wine Tasting Event. Also some tips on the art of tasting wines, in case you want to do more than pour and drink!

Click here for more on running your tasting event, and wine tasting tips

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