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Fundraising Wine is an online wine company that delivers fundraiser-labelled wine Australia-wide to charities, clubs, venues, schools and organisations, to help them raise funds.

We have worked with many individuals, groups, clubs and charities on their fundraising. Our Fundraising Wine Drive service, started in 2003, has been highly successful in helping them raise money for schools, kindies, sports clubs, hobby clubs, charities, medical research, and hundreds of other not-for-profit groups around Australia.

A Fundraising Wine Drive can help you raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your worthy cause. We provide our services Australia-wide.



Wine Fundraiser Testimonials

  • “Thanks for getting those order forms out so quickly, they look awesome and I’m already getting orders together!! As for the labels, you guys have pretty much got the image from my head & put it on a pdf!! Thank you SO much for allowing me some creative input, and for putting up with my niggly requests 😀 I love it!! You are awesome 🙂 I will be in touch about a possible tasting night in the next couple of weeks. Cheers, and thanks again, Hayley” Hayley ran a fundraising Wine Drive for a Greenpeace Challenge, raising funds to help save orangutan habitat in Borneo.
  • “Thanks for all your work Kirsten! Extra wine arrived fine and already distributed… Have also passed on your details to a couple of other organisations for future fundraisers. All in all a very successful fundraiser for the kinder. Thanks again and happy drinking! Steph”  Minyip Preschool in northwest Victoria ran an extremely successful Fundraising Wine Drive in May 2011. They sold almost $6,400.00 worth of wine, and raised over $2,000! Wow!
  • “Thank you so much also for your efficiency and constant contact. Cheers, Renae” In 2011, Parents For Gymnastics sold over $4,000 of wine, and raised over $1,100 for their gymnastics club!
  • “14 December 2010: Wine Drive $1,147 Thank you to cleanskins.com and to all those who participated in our highly successful wine drive. We ended making a staggering profit of $1,147. We hope you all enjoy your purchases over the festive season.”  The VNPA Valkyries are an Oxfam Trailwalker Team, raising money for their chosen cause, the Victorian National Parks Association. In October and November 2010, the ran a Fundraising Wine Drive, and sold over 200 bottles of wine, and made over $1,100 in profit!
  • “Thank you for all your help along the way, this has been a great boost to our fundraising and if we ever go across India or another subcontinent in a tin can we will defiantly use you again!! Carly :)” Lisa from Sydney participated in The Rickshaw Run, to raise money for her pet projects, Frank Water Projects and The British Heart Foundation. She sold over 100 bottles of wine, and made almost $500 in profit!
  • “Just wanted to say thanks very much with all of your support with the wine drive. It was a great fund-raiser and I have recommended it to all of my friends. The money arrived into my bank account, so thank-you. I will probably need to do more fund raising later this year (if my daughter makes the Australian team again) so will probably be in contact.” Our fundraiser Narda raised money for her daughter, who was selected for the Australian 15-year-old Girls Vikings Futsal Team tour to the UK in April 2012. The Wine Drive Fundraiser helped Narda raise over $500.00!
  • “Thanks again for your help with a very successful wine drive. We are so surprised we made such a good profit on so few orders. We will probably hold another one in the near future.”The Rockhampton Baton Twirlers sold 10 dozen wine, totalling over $2,100.00. They made over $600 in profit!
  • “The bottles look great. We are very happy with the result. Thank you for such a seamless easy process and lovely customer service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Kind regards, Kylie” The USCBC Under 14 Boys Basketball team qualified for the Junior Nationals, and needed to raise funds to get there. They sold 12 dozen wine and raised over $600.00. Well done!

Fundraising Wine is an online company that delivers wine Australia-wide.

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