How It Works

*Now also available via an ONLINE order page, with delivery direct to buyers, to remove person-to-person contact. Complete the Enquiry Form to learn more ►

Want to know more about our Fundraising Wine Drive? Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You choose up to 6 wines from our Fundraising Wine Range. Wine pricing includes labels (design, full-colour print and apply), delivery* and GST. (*to metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, Adelaide, other areas delivery surcharges apply, please phone 0408 190 636 to discuss.)

Step 2: You set your “sell-for” pricing, by the bottle and dozen. Sell-for prices include your profit margin. (You can set these as high or low as you like.) Profit margin is usually $4 per bottle, and $40 per dozen. You can also sell a Mixed Dozen – pricing is based on the 6 wines prices.

Step 3: You set your Close Date for your Wine Drive. The delivery date will be around 2-4 weeks after your Close Date, depending on how quickly you get orders to us, our workload, and delivery location.

Step 4: You email us your wine selection, pricing, close date, contact details, and wine label files and requirements.

Step 5: We create and send you your Wine Drive Order Form, including Wines, Tasting Notes, pricing, and payment details.

Step 6: You print out and distribute your Order Form to get your Wine Drive underway. You can also send out your Order Form by email, post it on your website or Facebook page, etc.

Step 7: You collect completed Order Forms orders* and payments. As your Close Date approaches, you can remind buyers to return their forms to you. *A minimum order of 6 dozen in total (of all wines combined) is required. After your Close Date, you send us all of your Orders and payments.

Step 8: We process all orders and payments, despatch your labelled wine to one delivery point, and pay your profit total into your fundraiser bank account.

Phone us on 0408 190 636 or fill out the Enquiry Form to receive our Fundraising Wine Information Pack.

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