Charity Fundraising

Not Sure What Type Of Charity Fundraising You Want To Do?

Holding a charity fundraising event is one of the most rewarding ways to support your cause. From cake stalls to chocolate runs – charity fundraising options are endless!

A great option is a fundraising wine drive. Wine is a great fundraising idea that offers exceptionally good fundraising returns – you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profit.To find out how, phone us today on
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With a Fundraising Wine Drive, you sell quality Australian wine with your fundraiser label, to raise money for your cause. Some charity organisations run our wine drive over several months, at a variety of events, to maximise the funds raised.

You can buy a few dozen wine and run a Wine Tasting event to promote sales, instead of, or as part of, a wine drive. Round up your family, friends, colleagues or community and get involved in one of the simplest, easiest and most ways to raise money for your chosen charity. Invite all and sundry then charge people a small fee to enjoy the day.

You can develop a competition to design the labels. Your personalised labels are FREE!

Oxfam-Trailwalker-Foxy-Oxies-label-&-botle        Ride-To-Cure-Cancer-Team-Jasmine-label-&-bottle-400w

Camp-Quality-esCarpade-label-&-bottle-600h        Ride-To-Cure-Cancer-Julia-Hebb-bottle-&-label-PROOF

We can create a wine with your message or charity story on the label. A Wine Drive can raise much-needed funds for your charity quickly and easily. It’s fund raising made simple. Call us on 0408 190 636 for more information.

Note: Wine is an adult product. We do not encourage the involvement of children and young people under the age of 18 years in promoting or distributing wine.


The Melbourne branch of Big Brother Big Sister  is our fundraising record-holder for one charity fundraising wine drive. Last year they sold over 70 dozen wine (847 bottles, to be exact) and raised over $3,200 in profit! Fundraising is essential for charities who want to raise money for their cause. We understand that, so we’re giving you the tools and support you need to make your fundraiser a SUCCESS!

Our programs work alongside your charity events. Charity fundraising should be a fun social community activity, naturally its important to choose programs that not only raise money but allow participants to have fun.
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We take the hassle out of fundraising with our simple fundraising wine drive approach. We ensure that you have the simple tools and process support you need to raise those much needed funds for your charity – easily . You even get to design your own labels like the ones in our gallery page.
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