Fundraising Ideas

Looking for Fundraising Ideas? A Fundraising Wine Drive can raise much-needed funds for your club, charity, sporting team (or even an individual sports person) – basically any not-for-profit organisation. It’s fund raising made simple – click here to see how it works.

Note: Wine is an adult product. We do not encourage the involvement of children and young people under the age of 18 years in promoting or distributing wine.

Wine is a great fundraising idea that offers exceptionally good fundraising returns – you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars profit. Fundraiser wines with your own fundraising wine label are an excellent product to commemorate a special fundraiser event or as an ongoing fundraising idea.

  • You can buy a few dozen wine and run a Wine Tasting event to promote sales. Some organisations run more than one wine tasting through the year, at a variety of fundraiser events, to maximise the funds raised. Ivanhoe East Primary School ran a wine tasting event for parents while their children attended the school disco – it was a hit!
  • You can run a competition to design the labels. Your personalised labels are FREE!
  • St Joseph’s Primary School in Melbourne runs an Art Show every year. They selected the 6 best children’s artworks to feature on their fundraising wines, which were sold at the event, as well asĀ  in their Wine Drive.
  • Sell fundraising wine at a raffle, school fete, or any other event.
  • Teams can be competitive in the Wine Drive sales. Our best ever fundraiser, the Australian Dragon Boat team, had team members competing for the most sales – they sold 84 dozen wine and raised over $5,000!
  • Ask your workplace if they will buy wines for work functions, gifts, etc, thereby also supporting your cause.