Low Cost Fundraising Ideas

Low cost fundraiserLooking for Low Cost Fundraising Ideas? Fundraising Wine is a Low-Cost, or even NO-Cost, Fundraiser.

  • NO upfront payment is required for a Wine Drive, unless you purchase wines for a Tasting Event¬†(or see below for more on Tasting Events). Payment is made by your wine buyers.
  • NO Liquor Licence is required by your Fundraiser. Our Wine Drive system works within our liquor licence rules. We receive payment for wine, we provide the wine, and we pay the profit amount back to the fundraiser as a commission. (A Liquor Licence is only required by a Fundraiser when they are selling wine and receiving money directly.)
  • Fundraising Wine Label Design is FREE!
    We design a free customised Wine Label for your Fundraiser. So you get wine with your fundraiser logo, photo, and a message from your Fundraiser.
  • Wine Delivery* to metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide is FREE! At the end of your Wine Drive, we deliver all wine orders to you to distribute to your buyers. (*all other areas Delivery surcharges apply.)
  • The wine pricing includes your profit margin. We give your fundraiser the total profit amount at the end of the wine drive. Fundraising wine can deliver big earnings: you can make $40 (or more) for every dozen sold. Our fundraisers can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Wine Tasting:

A wine tasting as a fundraiser event is a fun and affordable way to taste wines, and more importantly  to collect wine orders Рit is a selling opportunity, with your potential buyers right there, ready to try-and-buy!

You can buy 1 or more wine mixed dozens for your Wine Tasting event. Some organisations run a Wine Tasting as part of another pre-existing fundraiser event – annual meeting, awards night, trivia night, etc – to take advantage of the numbers of people attending that event.

The Tasting Wines cost doesn’t include the profit margin, to keep the cost low. Buy Tasting wines with our generic labels to keep it low-cost.

Taking a gold coin donation on entry can help offset some or all of the cost of a Wine Tasting event.

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