Thank you for your Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry. We have just sent you an email with a link to our Fundraising Wine Information Pack. (Click here to download if you didn’t receive our email.) The Information Pack is designed for printing and presentation to a committee for discussion.

If you have further questions about Fundraising with Wine, please phone 0408 190 636 (if after hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you), or send us an email with your questions.

Want to Go Ahead with a Fundraising Wine Drive?

If you would like to go ahead with your Fundraising Wine Drive, please use the Fundraising Wine Drive Checklist on page 7 of our Info Pack, and email us your wine selection, pricing, close date, contact details, and label files.

Want to Run a Tasting Event?

You might also be interested in running a Tasting Event as an alternative to, or as part of, a Wine Drive. You can buy one or more mixed dozens, made up of up to 6 wines selected from our Fundraising Wine range. The cost is calculated at our pricing-without-profit shown in the Info Pack, which includes GST and delivery. We can also send you an Order Form, which includes Tasting Notes for the wines. Click here for more on running a Fundraising Wine Tasting Event.

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